CITATION: : Kinuthia A. W. & Oresi S. N. (November, 2018). An assessment of the factors affecting training in the county governments in Kenya. A case study of Kiambu county. International Journal of Economics and Finance (IJEF) Issue No XI, Volume 4, pp 170-190.


General teething problems of new dispensation brought along many challenges of resources, lack of sensitization of members of public on devolution and the resultant expectations. The paper explored on the factors affecting training in County Government of Kiambu. The main objective of the study was to assess the factors affecting training in the county governments in Kenya and more specifically a case study of County Government of Kiambu. This study focused and targeted mainly on the employees of the county government in the Public Service and Administration department. A descriptive research design was used in this study since it was to enable the researcher to seek new ideas from the respondents and develop an insight to the problems under study. Review of Theoretical Literature, the study consulted the human capital theory, Maslow theory, Equity theory, and Frederick Herzberg’s two-factor theory. Stratified random sampling was used because the group is heterogeneous followed by simple random sampling in the group. The target population of the study was 450 employees from the Public Service and Administration department. A sample size 0f 50 % of the target population was used. Questionnaire made up of open and closed ended questions was used as a method of collecting primary data. Secondary data was collected from County records and published materials. Data collected was analyzed through SPSS software and presented informs of frequencies, percentages, tables, graphs and charts according to each objective. The result from one hundred and ninety one (191) indicated that majority of respondents. The results indicates that majority 80%, 85%, 68%, 54% of the respondents agreed that funding, Leadership, Organizational Culture and Trade Union affects training respectively, thus the study recommends the need for the County Management to come up with a procurement plan, policies, programmes, monitoring and evaluation programmes that caters for training and also develop mechanism to promote and enhance funding, Leadership and Organizational culture.

Keywords: :Organizational Culture, Leadership, Trade Unions, Training and Funding.
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