Patsy Arries and Dr Shaun Wilbur Pekeur

Management College of Southern Africa, South Africa

Corresponding Author: Dr Shaun Pekeur: Senior Adjunct Academic

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CITATION: : Arries, P. & Pekeur, S.W. (May, 2018). An investigation into the impact of change management on employee motivation in the healthcare sector in cape town, South Africa: International Journal of Human Resource and Procurement (IJHRP), VOLUME 5 (V), 51 - 84. ISSN 2105 6008.


ABSTRACT In today’s society organisational change is inevitable. The changes in organisations may be as a result of mergers and acquisitions, technology; the organisation may change its organisational structure, the organisation’s people, the economy et cetera. It is also imperative for companies to change due to globalisation and the competitiveness in the market place. When change is considered, it is a most challenging process that an organisation could go through. The reason for this is that change brings about an uncertainty about the unknown. Things as people have known it would be different. In organisations, human capital is of the utmost importance as they are the ones that have to implement these changes. When these changes occur, some employees would show resistance, while others will be excited about the change but how do you keep the employees motivated during this change process? The healthcare sector faces many challenges and to be able to provide a great service for their customers, healthcare organisations must also stay abreast with changes. The main focus of this research is about the impact of change management on employee motivation in the healthcare sector. In the healthcare sector a change may influence the delivery of health care to the patient, thus it is important for the employees to be motivated during the change process. For this investigation the research approach was from a qualitative approach using a secondary data collection process. The conclusion of the research investigation is that measures needs to be taken to motivate employees during a change process. The findings and recommendations of the study are as follows: • It is important to use a change model when implementing a change process. • Directives must be given by the leadership regarding the change process. • Staff should be motivated during the change process. • Training is important during the change process. Keywords": Change Management, employee motivation, organisational structure, change processes, change management and leadership, change models, motivation theories. View Full PDF Version