Jeff William Mbolu Malu

Presbyterian University of East Africa

Prof, Nemwel Bosire


Rev. Dr. Michael Mundia


CITATION: : Malu W. M., Bosire N. & Mundia M. (November, 2018). Assessment of the effectiveness of brand strategy on customer retention in the banking sector in Nairobi county (Barclays Bank of Kenya). International Journal of Economics and Finance (IJEF) Issue No XI, Volume 4, pp 270-301.


The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of brand strategy on customer retention in the Kenyan banking sector. The study used descriptive research design. Secondary data was collected from previous researches and works done by authors on the same subject matter. Primary data was collected from the tar population using a structured questionnaire. The study applied both quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis. The MS Excel spreadsheets were used for the initial tabulation, analysis and drawing of charts based on the respondents responses. The research found that the customers are happy and satisfied with the services offered by the organization, in that they liked the physical appearance and the level of cleanliness of the banking halls in Barclays, which made them want to be associated and to stay with the bank. It also finds that Institutions need to build brand evangelists, not bargain shoppers. If a loyalty program centers on offering customers special deals, it trains them to wait for the discount. The organization needs to shift its loyalty focus to deepening the relationship with the customer and work toward building brand evangelists.

Keywords: :Brand strategy, banking sector, brand loyalty and customer retention.
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