Dr Syed Damsaz Ali Andrabi (Lecturer History)

Department of Higher Education Jammu and Kashmir

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CITATION: Andrabi  D.A , (Jan, 2017), Drug Addiction among youth in Budgam District of Kashmir: A Sociological Study: International Journal of Social Sciences & Education. Volume 3 (1), 01-11. ISSN 2105 6008.


The inclination of youth towards the drugs has obviously taken the dangerous shape. Menace of drug abuse among youth is frantically dangerous to their life, society as well as nation itself. Their escapism route from the emerging challenges of life has feasibly motivated them to this hazard which is one of the responsible factors for increased rate of crime in the district Budgam of J&K state. Besides penal and criminal laws, a value based guidance system is imperative to handle such situations. In this context proper religious education, meditation has to be given a chance. It is not only role of parents, teachers, social activists, but equally that of religious preachers which will provide a meaningful guidance and hope to such misguided human soul in solving the problem of drug abuse among youth which are future of the society. No civilized society or nation will allow them to go stray from the path of development. A peaceful soul is an essential source of human development and purpose of this paper is an attempt in this regard in finding a long lasting solution of this problem. Right philosophy, right knowledge and right conduct is the gateway and will act as a parameter of transition for the affected people. View Full PDF Version