Parvathi Devaraj

CITATION: Devaraj P., (June, 2016) English Language Proficiency among Malaysian Lecturers: International Journal of Social Sciences & Education (IJSSE) 2 (3), 189-204. ISSN 2105 6008.


This is a summarized version of part of the writer’s doctoral dissertation proposal on capacity-building in English among lecturers at Malaysian Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs). Taking off from a synopsis of recent controversies surrounding the use of English as a medium of instruction in educational institutions, it discusses the importance of English in the regional and international arena. It then provides a brief historical background, noting that English had been introduced and implemented as a language of instruction and communication from British colonial times. Following this, the Malaysian government’s position and language policies have been briefly outlined. The next part of this article discusses key aspects of English language proficiency, including the need to build capacity in English among lecturers in HEIs. The article concludes by reiterating that despite the political and emotional rhetoric embroiling language issues in Malaysia, the need to improve English language proficiency among lecturers will continue to be of concern for all sectors of Malaysian society.

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