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Prof. R. W. Gakure Jomokenyata University og agriculture & Technology,Nairobi-Kenya +254737534631, Email <Rwgakure@yahoo.com>; <Rwgakure@gmail.com>;

CITATION: D.E. Itanyi & R. W. Gakure, November (2015), Entrepreneur/owner characteristics as determinant of growth of small and medium printing enterprises in northern Nigeria.: International journal of Economics & Finance (IJEF), volume 1 (4), 190 - 204. ISSN 2105 6008.

This study investigated whether Entrepreneur/Owner characteristics is a determinant of growth of Small and Medium Printing Enterprises (SMPEs) in Northern Nigeria. To achieve this specific purpose, the study set out with a view to finding solution to perennial growth problem associated with Small and Medium Printing Enterprises in Northern Nigeria. This is anchored on the premise that SMPEs and other SMEs are a major source of job creation, employment and wealth if properly grown and nurtured to maturity. They further represent the seeds for future large companies and corporations. Literatures related to Entrepreneur/Owner characteristics were reviewed. Descriptive survey research design was used for the study while a total of two Hundred and twenty five (225) respondents were used through census method. A structured questionnaire was used as the main instrument administered for collecting pertinent data. This instrument was subjected to content and face validation by experts and professionals in printing, entrepreneurship, measurement and evaluation and statistical fields. Various statistical tools were used to analyze data. The empirical literature showed that Entrepreneur/Owner characteristics are key determinants of growth of SMPEs in both developed and emerging economies all over the world. Other literatures also revealed that SMPEs like other SMES in developing countries are faced with monumental challenges. The result of the data analysis revealed that Entrepreneur/Owner characteristics have a great positive influence on the growth of SMPEs in Northern Nigeria. According to the findings of the study affirmed that academic qualification, locus of control, vision, technical skill, innovativeness, risk taking propensity, leadership style and customer relationship of Entrepreneur/Owner influence the growth of Small and medium Printing Enterprises in Northern Nigeria. The study recommends that adequate attentions be given to the development of Entrepreneur/Owner characteristics to enable Entrepreneurs/Owners play their expected role in growing their enterprises to the desired height in the Nigeria economy.

Keywords: Entrepreneur/Owner characteristics, Growth of Small and Medium and Printing enterprises

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