Mugambi Allan,PhD student, Chuka University

Prof. Mwenda Mukuthuria,Associate Professor of Kiswahili,Mount Kenya University

Prof. John. M. Kobia,Associate Professor of Kiswahili, Chuka University

CITATION: Mugambi A., Mukuthuria M. (Prof) & Kobia J.M (Prof) (April, 2016) Error analysis in mass media in Kenya: a case study of radio news bulletins from Kenya broadcasting corporation Kiswahili station and radio citizen. 2 (3), 173-188. ISSN 2105 6008.


This paper examined the common errors in mass media in Kenya. Its main focus was on broadcast media with a special bias on radio where two media houses were selected through purposeful sampling. The radio was selected due to its wide use and accessibility throughout the country. A sample of 37 news bulletins from 7 o’clock evening news was sampled for a period of one year from November 2013 to December 2014. Error analysis of these news bulletins was done where errors were identified, classified and the conclusions were made. Recommendations were later suggested. Five broad categories of errors were identified. These included grammar, spelling, lexical, semantic and pragmatic errors. The findings of this research are important in that they can help to improve the quality of broadcasting in Kenya. Language learners and researchers would also benefit by identifying the common causes of errors and providing treatment. Curriculum developers especially in journalism schools would also benefit by identifying areas requiring more attention in their programs.

Key words: Errors, pragmatics, content analysis, error analysis

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