Dr. N.A. Karim Ssesanga

Uganda Management Institute,School of Management Sciences

CITATION: A: Ssesanga, N.A. (May, 2017), Good Governance and Intellectual Capital: Emerging Evidence from Universities in Uganda. International Journal of Social Science & Education (IJSSE), VOLUME 3 (IV), 13-34. ISSN 2105 6008.


The study explores faculty perception of intellectual capital and governance practice in public and private universities in Uganda. Furthermore, the investigation examines factors that account for faculty retention and the relationship between good governance and intellectual capital in the participating universities in Uganda. Data analysis shows that although good governance is a vital predictor of faculty attraction and retention, the key factors that attract academics to universities was pay, the prospect for academic development and location. In addition, the analysis reveals that whereas private universities in Uganda need to improve on opportunities for academic growth, pay, and job security, participating public universities should focus on transparency, pay, and communication. Overall, the results show a positive relationship between good governance and intellectual capital to the effect that the higher the good governance the higher the intellectual capital attracted and retained by universities. View Full PDF Version