Abstract This paper describes the challenges faced by teachers and students in teaching and learning of English at secondary level. The study was limited to class x. It has been observed that in recent times the governments of Sindh and Pakistan have been providing a lot of facilities including free books and training programs for the teachers at secondary level but the teaching and learning of English is not up to mark. The participants of the study were 11 English teachers including 7 male and 4 female, 70 students including 40 male and 30 female and also; 6 English experts which include 4 male and 2 female. Teachers and students were administered questionnaires and involved in focus group discussion and experts were interviewed. It was found that teachers had no proper training of teaching English, proper facilities were not provided and curriculum was not according to the needs of students. These reasons hindered the teaching and learning process of English. This study was carried out at one of the taluka of district Naushahro Feroze Sindh Pakistan. Keywords: English teacher, Learners, Challenges, Secondary level, Existing practices