Abstract The research thus was designed to study and investigate the dimension of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies implementation of listed companies in Stock Exchange of Thailand, which includes process of CSR: CSR-after-process, CSR in process, and CSR-as-process; CSR’s strategy: outside-in or inside-out strategy; CSR’s activity resources; CSR’s activity types; CSR’s spirit: fundamental or advance; issue of problem; stakeholders’ participation; the benefits of CSR towards stakeholders; CSR’s message design; and marketing communications strategies. The researcher then analyzed further to conclude the CSR’s outlook and trend of Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy Implementation of Listed Companies in Stock Exchange of Thailand. The research objectives were set as follows: (a) to study the dimensions (environmental, social, economy, community, and so on) and trend of CSR strategy implementation of listed companies in Stock Exchange of Thailand; (b) to study the CSR initiatives which is most implemented by listed companies in Stock Exchange of Thailand; and (c) to study the correlation between Corporate Social Responsibility’s Vision and CSR’s Strategy Implementation. The expected contributions from the research are: (a) to expand and develop CSR knowledge for academic, executives and related person to have the correct foundation knowledge of CSR filed for their further development and research; (b) to provide the CSR guidance for organizations to manage efficiently their CSR activities upon on international CSR standard for sustainable growth; and (c) to understand the situation, direction, and trend of Corporate Social Responsibility strategy implementation of listed companies in Stock Exchange of Thailand. Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Stock Exchange, Thailand