Dr Syed Damsaz Ali Andrabi

College Teacher: (History) Department of Higher Education

CITATION: Andrabi D.A, (April, 2017), Position of women in Kashmir then and now: International Journal of Social Sciences & Education. Volume 3 (III), 12-25. ISSN 2105 6008.


The position of women in different periods of Indian history has remained very miserable. From time to time they became victims. They always remained at receiving end. Every time their position has opened new chapters of research. All inhuman atrocities were imposed upon them be it, dowry, infanticide, sati etc. Different acts were passed with the positive support of socio-religious reformers with an aim to liberate the women from the screws of onslaughts. At present they are demanding equality with men folk. If they have contributed a lot to society in every field then why they have to fight for their rights. But in Kashmir their position is entirely different. Position of women in Kashmir has to some extent remained appreciable. In spite of having the patriarchal nature of society still they enjoyed a respectable position. They are allowed to move freely, even can acquire the knowledge. The work of women in the open fields seems to be immoral. The development of nation can be seen through the development of women. View Full PDF Version