Jing Jing Liu 1, Yue Hu 1*,

1Shanghai University of Engineering Science , 333 Long Teng Road, Shanghai, 201620, China

*Corresponding author’s email: Huyue2006_1@126.com

CITATION: Jing J. L., R (July, 2016). Study on consumer choice for custom-made clothes in the internet: International Journal of Economics & Finance (IJEF) 2 (3), 230-237. ISSN 2105 6008.


In this paper, we analyze the classification and positioning of custom-made clothes in the internet, as well as the influence factors of consumption preference for the custom-made clothes in the internet. In this paper, we put forward that what the consumer choice factors have impact on custom-made clothes in the internet is an interaction between brand and consumer. Brand should be clear the pattern of garment customization and the division of consumer groups are in the internet, and develop the suggestion for consumers to choose their products.

Keywords: custom-made clothes, consumer choice, consumer group, brand culture.

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