Annaleen Coetser.

Published under the auspices of Mancosa (GSB).

CITATION: Coetser, A. (April, 2018). The Erosion of Skills in the western cape:Substance Abuse trumps HIV in the workplace: International Journal of Human Resource and Procurement (IJHRP), VOLUME 4 (IV), 7 - 20. ISSN 2105 6008.


Erosion of skills was chosen as the research topic. Companies become vulnerable when the workers in critical jobs are absent or need to be replaced. Critical jobs can be identified by the skills audit that looks at the organisational characteristics and is essential to estimate the liabilities of an organisation. The Cape Coloureds are friendly, loyal staff, but burdened by a long history of chronic substance abuse, mainly alcohol. Alcohol use disorder dates to three hundred years when the slaves worked on the wineries and received wine as part of their wages. Substance abuse is significant in the prevalence of HIV and AIDS. The research problem was defined as the erosion of skills in rural areas of the Western Cape. A participatory philosophical assumption was used. Due to the understanding of lived experiences, phenomenology served as a philosophy and a research method by exploring a concept and the profile of the phenomenon was constructed as descriptive research. Substance abuse had a higher impact on the erosion of skills in the workplace than HIV and AIDS. There is a recognised need to manage erosion of skills in the workplace. Substance abuse and HIV are contributing factors and should be prioritised and addressed on a different level in the workplace. Contemporary employee assistance programs should be employed to mitigate unemployment and poverty in the rural areas of the Western Cape.. Keywords": erosion of skills, critical jobs, HIV and AIDS, alcohol use disorder. View Full PDF Version