Dr. Elizabeth Kaase-Bwanga: Lecturer, School of Women and Gender Studies. Humanities and Social Sciences, Makerere University.

Dr. Consolata Kabonesa: Senior Lecturer, School of Women and Gender Studies, College of Humanities and Social Sciences,Makerere University.

CITATION: Bwanga E.K & Kabonesa C. (July, 2015), The relationship between intra-household decision making dynamics and household savings - investment decisions: A feminist economics perspective. International Journal of Economics & Finance (IJEF), VOLUME 1 (3), 102 -121. ISSN 2105 6008


The study investigated the relationship between intra household decision making dynamics and household savings and investment decisions from feminist economics perspective. Special focus was on the nature, type, access to income, control of savings-investments. Both secondary and primary data are used. Radical feminist theory and economic theory formed a basis for analysis. Results indicated that decisions making dynamics were gendered although this differed by household and individuals. Outside influence in intra household decisions making dynamics was observed highlighting the need to re-consider feminist economics research more seriously in decision making not only in savings and investment, but in all social - economic phenomena.

Key Words: Bargaining power, Gender relations, Gender and Intra-household economics; Intra-household Decisions Making Dynamics; Gender and Savings and Investment Decision Making.

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